Cavalluna - Passion for horses

Nov 30, 2024 - Dec 1, 2024

CAVALLUNA returns from 30 November - 1 December 2024 - and enchants the audience with a breathtaking show that interprets the most beautiful spectacles from recent years in a completely new way and interweaves them with spectacular new scenes.

‘CAVALLUNA - Grand Moments’ is a firework display of emotions that fascinates, touches and amazes young and old alike. Around 60 horses and the best riders in Europe thrill the audience together with a top-class dance company, supported by emotional music and impressive lighting and special effects. Experience a journey through dazzling show worlds and enjoy outstanding horsemanship, breathtaking scenery and a heart-warming story.

New show 2024 in Zurich

The story

It tells the story of the ageing show rider Trol, who, the older he gets, is increasingly afraid that one day he will no longer be able to see his friends from the show world again. Then the goddess of life appears to him and tells him that there is only one chance to have his loved ones with him forever: to reunite them once again with their best acts in a big show and thus make an eternal bond of remembrance with them.

She sprinkles Trol with the powder of life and, with a vibrant zest for life, he begins to have a vision in which he relives the most extraordinary shows and the friends of his career. Little by little, he discovers the special things that connect him to every rider, dancer, musician and acrobat: deepest friendship, love, respect, joy, humour, sadness, sensitivity, romance, fear, freedom, strength, beauty, touch, enthusiasm - life.

Popular stars

‘CAVALLUNA - Grand Moments’ is far more than just a horse show, but rather an extraordinary experience for the whole family that takes young and old on a truly magical journey for a few hours. Nevertheless, as always, the four-legged stars take centre stage and the audience can look forward to exceptional talent from all over Europe.

Among those on board are majestic Friesians, elegant Lusitanos and fiery Andalusians. Laury Tisseur with his spectacular Hungarian post and the daring trick riders of the Hasta Luego Academy will take the audience's breath away with their fast-paced manoeuvres. Younger spectators will especially enjoy Bartolo Messina's cute miniature ponies. Of course, the unique freedom artist Sylvie Willms will also be there again, as will the highly talented Equipe Pfeifer, who will impress you with their breathtaking water and fire scenes.

Enjoy this fantastic show and spend a pre-Christmas weekend in the beautiful city of Zurich at your Hotel Alexander