13 December 2024 - Deichkind


It really is us: DEICHKIND. Known through deichkind.de and from the concerts and the hits with the interesting videos and generally known in D/A/CH! We have something new in the pan, two big things from the best entertainment area in the world! Namely ours! It's about KIDS IN MY AGE. Once as a SONG and then as part 2, because KIDS IN MY AGE was already the secret 6-minute hit of the last record as part 1. This is the song for the tour, which is also called: DIE KIDS IN MEINEM ALTER TOUR 2024!
So briefly condensed into the notebook: DEICHKIND: NEW SONG, NEW TOUR!

The song is insane. The title alone: ‘Kids In My Age, Part 2’! And then the lyrics, beats, performance: all a straight 1 with a star. It doesn't get any better. The tour also promises! It's our first indoor tour after the pandemic! The song ‘Kids In My Age, Part 2’ will be released on Wednesday 25 October! The content is about people, less about old mustard, alien animals or nonsense like solder, no, the focus is clearly on you/us and them/they. Just like a train keeps going in and out of a dead-end station, the rapper known as Kryptik Joe keeps on mayonnaising the beautiful thematic salad with his graceful syllables, even if such comparisons are waving, haha.
And then, as already mentioned, the live thing, DIE KIDS IN MEINEM ALTER TOUR 2024! In addition to the festivals and open airs, i.e. the summer concerts 2024, we have our first continuous tour since March 2020 with the 17 gigs! Logical! We also chose the title KIDS IN MY AGE for the target group. It's a clever title and simply smart. And very easy for everyone to remember! Sometimes people are pretty lost and have to settle down again after their late night morning shopping or their rebirth in a pelvic position, no matter, there's always something to distract or confuse these Vitzliputzis. Even their fake friends at real yoga don't provide any support, we know that, we're like that or different ourselves.