On 2 December 2023, a unique remake of the legendary 2005 show at the Hallenstadion Zurich awaits us - played live by Gotthard with an original performance by Steve Lee on multiple screens.

Time and again, music history delivers unique talents, discovers unique voices and turns artists into immortal heroes. Only rarely, however, is sustained worldwide success paired with genuine humanity, because it takes a special kind of being not to lose traction under years of applause.

Steve Lee was one of these rare specimens and was snatched from life far too early at the age of 47. In 2010, one of the greatest Swiss rock singers died through no fault of his own in a motorbike accident in the USA - in August 2023, Steve Lee would have turned 60.On the occasion of his round birthday, Gotthard would like to set up a memorial to the singer, companion and unforgotten friend and bring him back for a unique night. At the upcoming show in the Hallenstadion, Steve Lee will once again be part of the band that would not be where it is today without him: multi-platinum decorated, Gotthard are still considered THE rock authority in Switzerland after the Lee era with their no less acclaimed frontman Nic Maeder, with several national and international awards, a commanding sixth place in the Swiss all-time album chart history and over three million albums sold. On 2 December 2023, exceptional singer Steve Lee will once again perform the greatest hits with his band in breathtaking recordings from 2005 from massive LED walls and once again prove why he is still considered one of the best rock singers in the world today, whose tragic death made him an absolute rock legend.