Here it is, the announcement that has been eagerly awaited! Seven years after his last indoor tour, Lorenzo will finally go on tour again and stop at the Hallenstadion Zurich on 20 March 2025!

Jovanotti live!

Since 12 February 2018, JOVANOTTI has performed in 66 arenas, an open field, on 38 beaches, on a racetrack, on a plateau, in two clubs and in a desert. In between, he travelled by bike from Chile to Argentina and through the Andes to the Amazon.
And now this announcement. Just enough time to stock up on supplies, reorganise the galley, start the engine and prepare the new crew to set off on 4 March 2025!

Goal: the big bang of the Italian music system! Lorenzo on stage with his music and lots of news! ‘Palajova’ is the new vision of ‘Jova’, the inimitable, the one who boasts countless attempts at imitation and who, like no other, has given new meaning to the word live. ‘Palajova’ is the Jovanotti of the future! ‘I can't imagine anything else and I can't wait,’ he declared, and all those who have received the first hints of this new adventure with affection are looking forward to it.

The first tour dates were announced today, and the anticipation for the months on tour is huge, for his urge to savour everything to the last note, and for the overwhelming joy and energy of Lorenzo's concerts.

The tour is being produced by Trident Music. Tickets for the concert in Zurich are available from 30 May at 10am at Ticketcorner.