Mediterranean Music Festival

Mar 21, 2024 - Nov 8, 2024
Mediterranean Music Festival

Experience Mediterranean sounds in Zurich from 21 March to 8 November 2024. This year's edition is dedicated to the voices of women.

The Mediterranean Music Festival (mmfestival) invites the public on an unforgettable journey around the Mediterranean. This year marks the tenth edition. Artists from the Mediterranean are invited to present their music, dance and culture in Switzerland.

In the meantime, the mmfestival has developed into an established event that is highly appreciated not only by the public but also by the artists.

The dynamic development of the mmfestival allows us to continue our efforts to promote the originality of melodies and sounds as well as the authentic presentation of Mediterranean music culture.

Year after year, the festival gains a passionate audience and great supporters. As a result, it has become an integral part of the annual cultural agenda of the cities in which it takes place, and its reputation has gradually spread throughout Switzerland Since its inception, the organisers' wish and aim has been to take the public on an unforgettable journey around the Mediterranean.

The wonderful music from the countries of the Mediterranean will resound dynamically and the audience will have the opportunity to admire the colours of the sounds of the peoples of the Mediterranean and enjoy a wonderful journey with their magical melodies. Artists from the countries of the Mediterranean as well as bands from Switzerland will perform, but they will present this music in an authentic way.