Da Capo Udo Jürgens

Original show on 10 November 2024 with the Pepe Lienhard Orchestra and guests.

Entitled ‘Da Capo Udo Jürgens’, the brand-new show will premiere in autumn 2024, celebrating a phenomenal global career. ‘Da Capo Udo Jürgens’ is a musical best of and thus a journey through time through the work of an absolutely exceptional artist - in a spectacular realisation. The show can be seen at the Hallenstadion Zurich on Sunday, 10 November 2024.

He was undoubtedly one of the most popular, most celebrated and greatest entertainers, songwriters and composers in the German-speaking world: music legend Udo Jürgens. More than 100 million records sold, countless unforgettable hits such as ‘Ich war noch niemals in New York’, ‘Aber bitte mit Sahne’ and, of course, ‘Mit 66 Jahren’ speak for themselves and are now part of German cultural heritage. The charismatic world star knew how to entertain and, above all, touch his audience like no other. Udo Jürgens would have turned 90 next year, and December 2024 will also mark the tenth anniversary of his death. It is time to honour his musical legacy and his unique career with respect.

The original recordings of the last Udo Jürgens concerts have been digitally remastered at great expense. Together with the live orchestra, ‘Da Capo Udo Jürgens’ is a unique visual and acoustic concert experience: you hear and see Udo performing live on a large LED screen and his original orchestra, conducted by none other than Pepe Lienhard, who accompanied Udo Jürgens with his big band for more than 30 years, plays live on stage.
The illusion is perfect - you experience a spectacular live concert with Udo Jürgens, who is present via the video wall.
Based on the 3 CD box set ‘da capo’ - which is not only an excellent collection of hits, but rather a tribute to an artist who was both a music icon and a crowd favourite - the original show of the same name ‘Da Capo Udo Jürgens’ is also a celebration and remembrance of an immortal legend.
The realisation of the show, which virtually brings a deceased artist back to life in a live concert, has been staged again and again around the world in recent years with great success. ‘Elvis-The Concert’ is probably the best-known model for Da Capo Udo Jürgens, but is of course presented in an up-to-date technical realisation.
‘Da Capo Udo Jürgens’ will be performed in a total of 18 cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in autumn 2024 - tickets are available at eventim.de, oeticket.at and ticketcorner.ch.
Following the huge success of the album ‘da capo, Udo Jürgens - Stationen einer Weltkarriere’ (number 1 in the German charts, gold award in Austria), a new album by Udo Jürgens was released on 15 September: ‘Die Blumen blühn überall gleich - Seine schönsten Kinderlieder mit den Texten von James Krüss’. Udo Jürgens' most important message is already in the album title “Die Blumen blühn überall gleich”: that people and countries are different, but still the same. This message runs through the 18 children's songs on the album and the four bonus tracks. 13 of the songs on the album are now available digitised for the first time - more than 50 years after their initial release.